Since the Life Science Program is small and international, it has almost become a tradition to start the induction of new students as early as possible.

Eleonora Hedin from Sundsvall is ”induction general” for the first time during Life Sciences induction this year. To become a general takes at least two years of studying. The generals decide what will happen during the induction, while a zero is someone who is new to the university.

Eleonora Hedin says that the way the generals and the zeros communicate with each other during the induction is very different from other programs at the university.
– I think the Life Science Program is very open, so it has almost become like a tradition that the generals and the zeros speakto each other right from the start. It feels more welcoming, says Eleonora Hedin.

Students at the Life Science Program usually come from many parts of the world. Eleonora Hedin implies that just that is one of the reasons why it’s extra important that the zeros feel at home and that they can talk to everyone, even the generals. In some programs, the tradition is that generals will not talk to the new students during the induction weeks.
– We are such a small program, so it’s better to skip that part, says Eleonora Hedin.

Why the Life Science program choose to have one of the earliest inductions at Umeå university also has to do with the fact that the program is international.
– It gives the new students more time to get to know Umeå. I think that’s good, says Elenora Hedin.

Text and photo:
Angelica Säfvenberg